Export & Import  

Chowdhary Udyog  specializes in all your needs for Steel and Steel Products. Chowdhary Udyog is a multi product trading company, sourcing and trading in various products like Forge Rolls, CR and HR Coils, Galvanised Steel and other products. We can source any specialized secondary material requirement like Ferrous and Non Ferrous secondary material (Scrap) from any region in the world. With our extensive network of associates across all parts of the world we are ideally positioned to help you to import any of your ferrous and non ferrous secondary material.

Also with the existing network of associates globally, Chowdhary Udyog is an ideal partner to find buyers overseas for your products if any company is looking to explore overseas markets for their products. Chowdhary Udyog works in tandem with the manufacturers/traders and help promote their products in overseas markets in a very cost effective manner and systematically.
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