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Our expertise and visionary management team have helped us to anchor our position in the manufacture of petroleum products like Snow White Micro Crystalline Wax, Petroleum Jelly (Pomade) both for industrial, cosmetic & pharmaceutical use, Wax Blends to suite various industrial and consumer sectors, Cable jelly (cable filling compound), Industrial greases etc.

We as the authorised distributors of Indian Oil Corporation (A Fortune 500 Company) are marketing their "Micro Crystalline Wax" in pellets being manufactured at their Haldia Refinery, (West Bengal), India which is used extensively by several industries for various applications.

We are also involved in bulk trading & marketing , including warehousing of Iron & Steel , non-ferrous metals, as well as iron and steel scrap, used rejected scrap rolls and other secondary products;

Chowdhary Udyog

Owing to our long association with the Jelly filled Telephone Cable manufacturers we developed " Cable-Filling Compound - Cable Jelly " and subsequently diversified into blending and refining of M C Wax & Petroleum jellies for cosmetics & pharmaceutical companies. We are also trading & dealing in imported waxes, petroleum products, Iron & Steel including scrap both HMS & rolling, non-ferrous metals etc.

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