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MCW Yellow:

SL No Characteristics Unit Method Results
1     Drop melting point °C IP-133 /ASTM D-127 82
2     Oil content (Max) %mass IP-158 /ASTM D-721 2.7
3     Colour (Max) --- ASTM D-1500 1.5
4 Needle Penetration, 1/10mm (25°C, for 5 Sec with 100g) --- P:93 / IP:49 / ASTM 1321 35
5 Kinematic  Viscosity at 98.9°C Cst P:25  17
6  Flash Point, COC, (Min) °C ASTM D-92 248
7     Odour --- Physical Odourless when cold
8     Acidity (Inorganic) mgKOH/g P:2 0.0
9     Acidity (Organic) mgKOH/g P:2 0.07
10     Ash Content % Mass IP 223 0.03
11 SAP Value   P 55 0.1
12 Melting Point °C ASTM D 127 72
13 Congealing Point °C ASTM 68
14 Specific Gravity     0.87
Packing:  25 Kg approx. In Cartons  
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